destruction des animaux nuisibles #1

by miguel a. garcía / marta sainz / enrique zaccagnini

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review by Ed Pinsent (The sound projector) "Here’s another fine cassette, also realised by a trio, but this time the players weave a somewhat more abstracted and dynamic form of electronic noise. Destruction Des Animaux Nuisibles #1 (ALTERACTION ALT01) features our good friend Miguel A. García, the Prince of Spanish experimental music who has proven himself a nonpareil when it comes to realising fatalistic nightmares and uncanny experiences in sound, often with a grim caste. Here he is joined by Enrique Zaccagnini, the two of them forming an eerie backdrop of sinister electronic purring and grisly loud noise, tempered by the unsettling vocalising of Marta Sainz. I suppose it is she providing the strange whimpering sounds, a ghastly sobbing effect which arouses our empathy as much as it sends tremors of terror running up and down our spinal columns. We could be hearing the voice of an exiled ghost, doomed to replay the same traumatic moment in her life for all eternity. Enrique and García produce an accomplished tapestry of complicated noise for this after-life symphony, where the startling eruptions into ear-splitting volume are reined in and controlled, forming part of a fascinating and constantly-changing slow-motion whirlwind of textured sound."


released February 17, 2012

MIGUEL A. GARCÍA : electronics, noise
MARTA SAINZ : vocals, effects
ENRIQUE ZACCAGNINI : electronics, noise

mixed and re-composed by Miguel A. García
mastered by Ilia Belorukov
artwork by Daisuke Ichiba

original tape released by ALTERACION [alt01]




miguel a. garcía / xedh PV, Spain

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